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What design ideas does the new Chinese style house have

“Conceptual design” means that after the task is determined, the functional structure is drawn through abstraction, the appropriate action principle and combination are sought, the basic solution path is determined, and the solution is obtained. This part of the work is called conceptual design.
In the specific design of the furniture concept, the development of conceptual furniture with national characteristics in my country is of great significance. On the one hand, my country’s furniture culture has a long history, with rich and unique national characteristics, and national furniture has broad prospects in the market; on the other hand, Ming-style furniture has established my country’s position in the history of world furniture. However, in the new era, the idea of ​​establishing a Chinese-style furniture design system that reflects nationality needs to be continuously improved.
Folding originality
The key to furniture design is “new”. The difference between this novelty and furniture design in the general sense is that it emphasizes the originality of the furniture. Although the new Chinese furniture should absorb nutrients from the classical furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it is still regarded as a conceptual design of a new type of furniture. It should be placed in an original perspective to locate its design goals. In terms of culture and environment, traditional culture should be applied to the modern design language environment, so that furniture has the spirit of traditional culture, but also can reflect modernity, originality and freshness. This requires in-depth discussion on how to better integrate traditional culture into the environment of modern society. The objects discussed include both classic furniture, users and modern design language.
Folding forward
The design of ancient furniture changed the habits of ancient people from “sitting on the floor” to “sitting on the feet”. The new Chinese furniture design also has a kind of advancement, which can reflect and express a trend. In other words, it is not based on the existing morphological characteristics of Ming and Qing furniture and the characteristics of existing furniture on the market, but to find a breakthrough point from the shortcomings of people’s life needs and aesthetic ideas, so that new Chinese furniture has guiding furniture The advanced consciousness and forward-looking vision of design development, guide people’s life and thinking way through new works, and make the new Chinese furniture as a kind of artwork incorporating national characteristics. It is entirely possible that the rebellion against popular consciousness and the breakthrough of mindset will appear in the design of neoclassical furniture.
Although there is a difference between “theory” and “practice” in furniture design, the design of new Chinese furniture is not just for production, but its conceptual design should be a close combination of theory and application. Through the designed visual class and market promotion, a clear impression of a neo-classical furniture can be formed in the target consumer group in a relatively fast time, and placed on the market when the time is ripe.
The new Chinese furniture design should be both a natural product of the times itself and a boutique design based on reason. Re-examine the traditional culture, handle its relationship with life and the times, refine and innovate the traditional elements, so that the furniture design is full of national character, but also full of modern design sense of fashion and avant-garde, is the revitalization of modern China The only way for furniture.


Post time: Jul-09-2020