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What are the classification of plates

1. Plywood

Plywood is one of the classifications of sheet furniture. The plywood is made of three or more layers of one-millimeter-thick veneer or thin-plate adhesive tape by hot pressing. It is currently the most commonly used material for handmade furniture. The splint not only has all the advantages of natural wood, such as light weight, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, etc., but also can make up for some of the natural defects of natural wood such as knots, small breadth, deformation, large differences in vertical and horizontal mechanics and other shortcomings. The splint can also be a hard or soft material used to protect, fix or restrict the movement of body parts.

2. Blockboard

Blockboard is one of the classifications of board furniture. Blockboard is a special plywood. Therefore, the principle of symmetry must also be followed in the production process to avoid warping of the plate. As a thick plate, blockboard has ordinary thick plywood. The beautiful appearance and similar strength, but the blockboard is lighter in texture than thick plywood, consumes less glue, saves investment, and gives a sense of solid wood to meet consumers’ desire for solid wood furniture.

3. Wood wool board

Wood wool board is one of the categories of wood furniture. Wood wool board is a kind of rigid board with a relatively open structure in the fiber sound absorption material. It has sound absorption, heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire prevention, anti-bacteria, and insect damage. And anti-condensation features. The wood wool board has the characteristics of high strength and rigidity, simple sound absorption structure, convenient installation and low price. The sound absorption performance of the wood wool board is related to the thickness of the board, the bulk density of the board, the thickness of the wood wool, the surface coating, and the cavity depth of the back of the board.

4. Decorative panel

Decorative panels are one of the classifications of sheet furniture, and decorative panels are commonly known as panels. It is a decorative board with a single-sided decoration made of solid wood board precisely cut into a thin veneer with a thickness of about 0.2mm, using plywood as a base material, and made by an adhesive process. Decorative panel is a special way of plywood, with a thickness of 3%. Decorative panel is a kind of advanced decoration material which is different from the oil mixing method.

5. WPC board

WPC is one of the classifications of sheet furniture. WPC is a kind of wood-based material and thermoplastic polymer materials and processing aids. It uses hot-melt plastics, including polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride as adhesives. High-tech products, such as wood, straw and agricultural straw, are produced through advanced process equipment. The tensile strength, bending strength, flexural modulus, impact strength, and Vicat softening temperature of its products meet or exceed international advanced standards.


Post time: Jul-16-2020