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The wood has aura, so the maintenance needs to be fine!

As people’s requirements for health and quality of life become higher and higher, solid wood homes are well received by consumers, but now it has entered winter and the climate is relatively dry. How to maintain solid wood furniture? I believe this has become more and more common The more I care about a topic. The following high point home for you how to maintain solid wood furniture. People can prosper through health, and so is solid wood furniture.


The first point is that care and moisture are important. Keeping the appearance of solid wood furniture clean is a very important factor. Keeping moisture can make the furniture lastingly bright as new. Generally for solid wood furniture, professional furniture care essential oils are used to moisturize. It can lock the moisture in the wood and prevent the wood from cracking and deforming. At the same time, it can nourish the wood. life. But in fact, for some high-end furniture, the paint is full and smooth, and the water-locking effect is higher than that of ordinary paint. Therefore, these furnitures do not need special care. They can be kept bright by simply wiping with a rag, and the brighter the more the more they are polished.


The second point, cleaning and waxing is the assistant. Solid wood furniture generally requires regular waxing and maintenance. Under normal circumstances, waxing only once a quarter is sufficient. This way the furniture looks shiny and the surface will not vacuum. easily. Do not use oily detergents for daily cleaning, as this will whiten the furniture surface. If stains appear on the surface of the furniture, do not use alcohol, gasoline, or other chemical solvents to remove them. Use warm tea water to gently remove the stains. After the water evaporates, apply a little light wax to the original part.


Then lightly rub several times to form a protective film. At the beginning of production, high-quality brand furniture has worked hard in various processes. For example, some solid wood furniture uses high-quality high-density wood, and its products have relatively high splitting resistance and grain shear strength, and are not prone to end cracks The bad phenomena such as cracks and cracks, plus the use of high-quality environmentally friendly paint, the paint surface is smooth and not easy to hang dust, so it is easier to clean.


The third point, sun and moisture is the key. The brightness of the skin directly determines the overall temperament of a person, and furniture is no exception. The surface of solid wood furniture is generally painted with paint, which is bright and beautiful. Although the autumn and winter sunshine is not as violent as the summer, the long-term sun combined with the already dry climate can easily make the wood too dry, cracks and partial discoloration. In daily life, the furniture should be placed in a way that avoids long-term outdoor exposure of the whole or part of the furniture to sunlight, or use direct transparent tulle curtains to separate the direct sunlight, so that it will not affect indoor lighting, but also soft It adds a warm and romantic atmosphere to the room, while protecting the interior furniture.


Secondly, the furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, because the wood swells when wet, and it will rot easily over time. In addition, wooden furniture is actually very delicate. Usually, you should protect it as much as possible. Handle it lightly, especially when cleaning. Avoid cleaning tools touching the furniture. Do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects hit the furniture to protect it. There are no hard marks or hanging wires on the surface.

Post time: Mar-25-2020