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Seven unconventional restaurant setting solutions.

Option 1: Dining area in the corner of the kitchen
If the kitchen still has such a small corner, it can be used as a dining area. As shown in the picture, the design of this kitchen dining area is great! The design of wall color, wall-mounted small dining cabinet and small chandeliers make the dining area in the kitchen warm and not cramped.
Option 2: Corridor to create dining area
The corridors in the home are often overlooked, and there are at most two decorative paintings on the walls to create a dining area! A small folding table and a set of shelves on the wall make the corridor space more vibrant, and if it is dark, install a wall lamp.
Option 3: Simple dining corner of the stairs
If you have a small building in your home, it is appropriate to create a dining area with a blank area beside the stairs because there is enough light.
Option 4: Deck space beside the bed
It was originally a good idea to make a row of storage benches or decks by the window. When the room space is limited, letting the bench double as a dining chair is another coup to save space. The layout of the window is guaranteed. Provides good lighting in the dining area.
Scheme 5: Hourly light on the balcony
When you live alone, you can enjoy the fun of one person to your heart’s content. Food for one person can also be good. For example, you can put the dining table directly on the balcony and face the birds and flowing clouds outside the window every day to quietly enjoy the good food. And even in a large family, you can enjoy time alone in this way, put a small table in the kitchen, and wait for the food to be cooked, you can also find time to read a few pages or have a drink.
Plan 6: Dining table by the cooking table
Put a high table with pulleys in the in-line kitchen. Half of the tabletop is forced to borrow the kitchen stove. When the cabinet countertop is not enough, it can also be used as a preparation area. At the end of the meal, the table top is pushed back to the cooking table, which will not take up any space in the kitchen.
Option Seven: It is both a work table and a dining table
In a limited space, it would be a waste to put an extra table. Girls who love to do all kinds of crafts, might as well set up such a compatible style restaurant/handmade workshop. And such a restaurant layout with a strong handmade fabric style is absolutely unique.


Post time: Jul-30-2020