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Passing on Chinese-style humanities, giving back a variety of nature

Woodman, the nature of spring

Yu is the sky, Zhou is the land

Mori is everything

Chinese people love wood, admire wood, value wood, this is the same choice. Wood is the source of life, which originates from spring and represents a kind of gentle nature. This is in line with the Chinese people’s nature and character: it is natural, restrained and implicit, and after experiencing the smell of life, it finally belongs to nature.

The beauty of wood is gorgeous!

Natural and pure,

The conciseness contains dignity and elegance,

In the deep, Qingli and Junxiu are soaked,

All this gorgeous,

It is especially precious because it is natural.


The artistic conception of traditional Chinese creations,

Pay attention to convey a state through the morphological language of things.

It is reflected in the relationship between man and nature,

Is the unity of heaven and man;

Embodied in the social relationship between people,

It is a harmonious and orderly society;

Embodied in the relationship between people and things,

Is the mind and the thing, the text and the quality,

The unity of form and god, material and art, use and beauty.

Perseverance in quality,

Have faith in art,

Chunnuo selects the finest wood,

With natural wood grain,

Warm texture,

Craftsmanship, craftsmanship,

Beautiful but not vulgar,

Intellectuality is solemn.

Post time: May-03-2020