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Is rubber wood furniture good?

One,What is rubber wood

Rubber wood is a kind of tree that produces rubber latex, which is mostly produced in the subtropical zone. This rubber wood is by no means oak. You must ask clearly when buying furniture. Some unscrupulous merchants may confuse this concept. After the rubber wood is grown, the raw rubber inside the surface is first taken to make rubber, and then the thicker trunks are used to make furniture.

Two, the advantages of rubber wood furniture

Cheap: The production cycle of rubber wood is about ten years, and the source is wide, so its material is cheap.

Not easy to crack: The production area of ​​rubber wood is dry, so its wood is not easy to crack and easy to maintain.

Strong plasticity: Rubber wood has a little flexibility and can be used to make furniture with beautiful shapes and soft curves.

Good texture: rubber wood grain is beautiful and even texture.

Easy to color: the natural color of rubber wood is light, it can be treated urgently according to the needs, and the surface paint is good

Wear-resistant: The furniture made of rubber wood is very wear-resistant and durable.

Three, the disadvantages of rubber wood furniture

Peculiar smell: furniture made of rubber wood has peculiar smell, and because of the high sugar content, it is prone to decay and insects.

Deformation: Furniture made of rubber wood is easily deformed due to the soft physical properties of the original material.

Poor material: Rubber wood is a poor tree species in terms of hardness, material, texture and performance.

The above brief introduction to rubber wood furniture hopes to help you make the right choice.


Post time: Jul-18-2020