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How to quickly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood custom furniture wood?

First, we must have a basic judgment on the quality of solid wood custom furniture wood, which is the basis for judging the value of wood. For this problem, there are both professional appraisal standards and empirical judgment standards. The two standards cannot completely replace each other. Under normal circumstances, for the majority of people, professional appraisal is not available, and China’s wood appraisal today can only determine the genus, which basically has no practical significance for identifying wood, and empirical judgment is often more useful Operability.

Is empirical judgment reliable? There is no doubt about this! Even empirical judgment can make up for the obvious deficiency of professional appraisal, and it seems more reliable in actual life. This is because empirical judgments include not only the accumulated experience of past generations, but also the regular summary of scientific identification. Therefore, the empirical judgment criteria for the solid wood custom furniture wood is essentially the common sense of identifying wood after a lot of refinement. Here are some of the most basic common sense:

First, the general classification of solid wood custom furniture wood Solid wood custom furniture wood is roughly divided according to its use. It is divided into high-grade crafts wood, high-grade furniture wood, high-quality furniture wood, ordinary middle-grade furniture wood, and middle-lower furniture. Timber, firewood. In different areas, there can be intersections between two adjacent grades of wood. For example, some woods considered as firewood in the southern forest area will be treated as mid-range furniture wood in the north; mahogany, which is considered as the top quality wood in Europe, can only be regarded as medium furniture wood and decorative wood in China.


Second, the presence or absence of core material is an important watershed in the quality of custom solid wood. Generally speaking, trees that do not have a core material are no better, no matter how good, they can only be used as middle-low-grade furniture wood. For example, Chinese fir, cedar, elm, most pines, and many species in the genus Phoebe cinnamomum, do not have long core materials. Although there is also a good material in the wood with no long heartwood, most of the wood with no long core wood can only be used as raw materials for firewood or synthetic wood; all high-grade wood and high-quality wood are made of long wood. Wood comes from trees, and its authenticity only refers to its core material, not including the sapwood of the tree species, or the tender material of the tree species that has not yet formed the core material.

Third, the hardness and proportion of solid wood custom furniture wood is no doubt. The harder solid wood is naturally the better. Of course, if the wood has both high hardness and high flexibility, it is even better, such as golden silk teak, Phoebe yunnanensis, oak, walnut, etc., the best of which is Huanghuali. The specific term of wood specific gravity is called air-dry density, which refers to the grams per cubic centimeter (g / cm3) when the moisture content of the wood is about 12%. Of course, the higher the index, the better. That is to say, most of the weight we feel when we hold it is good wood. On the contrary, if we hold it lightly, the material is no better. When the air-dry density is greater than or equal to 1, the wood is called sinking material. In sinking materials, it is difficult to find very poor quality wood.

Post time: Apr-09-2020