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Furniture is vulnerable to moisture! These wooden furniture maintenance tips are really good

There are often continuous rainy seasons in some places every year, and long-term rainfall can easily cause different degrees of moisture in furniture. If it is not handled in time, it may cause different conditions such as furniture peeling, rust, and mold.
Regardless of whether it is solid wood or panel furniture, it is easy to get wet after being exposed to a lot of water or water vapor, and it is easy to deform after being damp. But the moisture-proof maintenance of furniture can’t just talk about it, let’s take a look at a good way to prevent moisture and treatment of wooden furniture!
Solid wood furniture-keep ventilated and dry
1. Moisture symptoms: The solid wood furniture is very obvious when it is wet. Not only the local paint discoloration on the surface, but also the mildew spots are normal. The damp parts may appear swell and deform, and even crack at the wood connection parts.
2. Moisture-proof maintenance: If the solid wood furniture is severely wetted and condensation or mildew appears on the surface, you can put a pack of desiccant inside the furniture to absorb moisture. After drying it with a dry towel on the outside, wipe a layer of walnut oil to prevent moisture. Attention should also be paid to the daily maintenance of solid wood furniture, which can be maintained with special cleaning agents and waxed regularly.
3. Moisture treatment: If the solid wood furniture is slightly damp, just put it in a ventilated place and dry it. Never expose to the sun or roast with fire.
Panel furniture-keep the seams clean
1. Moisture symptom: The panel furniture is treated with edge banding, so the moisture resistance is stronger than the general solid wood furniture, but the bonding area of ​​the panel furniture is easy to get wet, causing the panel furniture to deform or even crack.
2. Moisture-proof maintenance: First of all, in daily life, it is necessary to keep the joints of the panel furniture clean to avoid impurities, and then absorb moisture to cause the panel joints to expand due to moisture. After cleaning the furniture with a damp cloth moistened with water, you can dry it again with a dry cloth. You can turn on the air conditioner to absorb moisture and use bleach to deal with mildew.
3. Moisture treatment: In general, if the panel furniture is damp, more ventilation is needed. Use moisture-absorbing materials to dehumidify the wetted joints. If the panel furniture is used on the first floor or basement, it is best to lay a layer on the ground Moisture-proof pad.
No matter how good things need proper maintenance, learn good methods of furniture moisture-proof maintenance, so that the furniture at home can also look like it was for decades.


Post time: Jun-30-2020