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Sinn a 'tabhann àirneis fiodha AT lasachaidh Prìs

Rizhao Jianchuang Wood Gnìomhachas Co., Ltd. Tha an àirneis ùr le iomairt filleadh a-steach dealbhadh, a dhèanamh agus a reic, a tha cumhachdach bhathar smachd air mathas agus solarachadh siostam eadar-lìon agus a 'dol a reic an àrd-chabhsair.

Rizhao Jianchuang Wood Gnìomhachas Co., Ltd. 'S e factaraidh a stèidheachadh le Tianjin Zhongheng Malairt Eadar-nàiseanta Co., Ltd le tasgadh de 20 millean ann an Shandong, Sìona.

One tree, one view, one leaf, one bodhi

There are no two identical leaves in this world, nor two identical trees. And each tree has its own life and scenery. Perhaps, for most people, each tree is not too different, because they are silent, they will not tell you, and there will be no laughter. For the craftsmen of Chunnuo Furniture, e...

Elegant lifestyle, interpreting the deep ...

Simple, simple and chic appearance, without fancy decoration but also have some fun, giving a concise and refreshing visual effect. Chunnuo is not only a piece of furniture, but also a way of life. Chunnuo firmly believes that fashion and simplicity are the soul of furniture. The dignified and no...

How to choose high-quality solid wood fur...

First, look at the materials A look at the materials, whether the materials are reasonable. Furniture with greater load-bearing generally requires higher hardness of wood. In addition, the wood should be dry, with clear texture, tight texture, delicate, and no irritating smell. Check all the part...

Really suitable for oriental furniture

The birth and revival of the new Chinese style Fusion of classic dignified Chinese characteristics and modern fashion texture Create a subtle and beautiful new Chinese style With the needs of modern people Create a traditional oriental beauty Fully integrate the implicit and restrained oriental c...

Tips for maintaining solid wood furniture

There are many kinds of solid wood furniture, among which the mahogany furniture is the most famous, because of the small number, there is a lot of room for appreciation. In addition, the prices of small leaf rosewood and Hainan Huanghuali are even higher. Some people buy valuable solid wood furn...